Mom Spotlight: Sadie Cusson

It’s Mommy Month!

To kick off Mommy Month in honor of Mother’s Day, I had the pleasure of speaking with badass mom/my friend, Sadie Cusson.  Sadie is a working mommy to an almost 3-year-old little girl named Emma Daisy (that name is so cute I can’t even say it most of the time without squealing from all the cuteness).  I chose Sadie as my guest because not only is she a badass broad, but she’s a passionate, yet super respectful crusader for normalizing breastfeeding.

Call me crazy, but I feel like the world needs more people who are truly out to educate and inform, rather than shaming those who don’t come around to their way of thinking.

After choosing to breastfeed her daughter and learning as much as she could about the process, the benefits, the challenges, etc., Sadie chose to share her journey.  In this weeks podcast, Sadie shares all about how she went from not knowing much about breastfeeding to becoming a true advocate and educator.

After hearing some of the negative commentary about how breastfeeding moms just needed to cover up, Sadie took to social media for a short video demonstration about why it’s not just that easy for moms to cover their babies.

You can view Sadie’s subtle and powerful breastfeeding PSA  here .

You can view Sadie’s subtle and powerful breastfeeding PSA here.

What I also like about Sadie’s posts and commentary is that whether I agree with her or not (and this applies to most things, not just motherhood and breastfeeding) she almost always makes me think and evaluate my own position on things, and I always walk away feeling more educated than when I started.

I really never understood why people got so upset over boobs, and I also never understood the big deal about covering up.  This video left me with the simple thought of, “Oh, that’s why.”  Sadie is amazing at getting her point and views across without ever vilifying or shaming those who are different.  And I AM HERE FOR IT.

Soon after, Sadie caught some heat for a Mommy and Me breastfeeding photo shoot that was nothing short of stunning and beautiful.  I watched as people commented on her post and she gracefully handled every nasty word with calm, collected, thoughtful responses that never shamed or shut them down, but that merely served to support her own stance and choices as a mother.

Basically, it’s fine to breast feed your kid.  It’s fine to bottle feed your kid.  It’s cool if you want to cover up, and it’s okay if you don’t.  If you don’t like looking at something, look the other way.


Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 5.59.39 PM.png

Seriously, how gorgeous is this mother and daughter?


These two are gorgeous.

Don’t agree with everything you’ve read or seen here?

That’s cool.  You don’t have to.

What you do have to do is realize that there’s more than one way to skin a cat (how awful is that expression, by the way?), and your way is just one of many.  Different doesn’t mean wrong.

You can be passionate without being an asshole.  You can share knowledge and your journey without being a closed-minded dick cheese.  A shitty delivery of your point of view is just a good way to be ignored because all it really does is shame and alienate others who might be different from you.  A good delivery of your point of view can create a bond and a sense of fellowship, regardless of you differences.  After all, we’re all on the same team, right?  Aren’t all moms just looking to raise kind, healthy, respectful little humans that won’t grow up to be serial killers?

Happy Mommy Month to all you fabulous mommas out there!  Cut yourselves and each other a little slack.  Y’all have way more in common than you think.  Now, come together, you super moms and make motherhood your bitch.  

***You can hear more about Sadie’s story on this week’s podcast available at midnight on Monday, May 7th on both Libsyn and iTunes!***