Alicia Barksdale
Alicia Barksdale
MFA. Writer. Dog/Soon-to-Be Human Mom. Fit Chick. Ass Kicker Extraordinaire.



MFA. Writer. Wife. Dog Mom. Fit Chick. Ass Kicker Extraordinaire.

Hello there!  I’m Alicia and I’m a displaced Rhode Islander living in Savannah, GA.  I’m a wife, writer, freelancer, fit(ish) chick, and fur mom to five crazy pups and a kitty.  I’m living a sober lifestyle, and I’ve spent the last few years trying to take better care of myself, inside and out.

Here you’ll find my writing and other fun stuff, maybe some recipes, lots of puppy-related things–hope you’re a dog person!–and my own musings on life, fitness, sobriety, marriage, and everything in between.  You’ll also find some real gems from some of the most badass broads I know, because women have it hard enough.  Let’s amplify each other’s voices.  Let’s LIFT EACH OTHER UP.

You know, real inspirational shit.

Basically, I’m trying like hell to live my best life. Am I always great at it?  Meh.  But I’m sure as shit gonna keep on trying.  Isn’t that really the best any of us can do is try?

Care to join me?  Let’s make life our BITCH.